05.09.14 Glory Battle + Double EXP + Free to Pledge Event 4381

Glory Battle Event 2014

Shattered Galaxy will be holding a Glory Battle Event starting 5/9/14 until 5/23/14 Friday 11:59AM PST.

You have to be an Elite hero in order to participate. Each elite hero will receive 1 ticket for participating in a big battle, regardless of whether you win or lose. Elite heroes will receive a unique medal depending on the amount of tickets acquired by the end of the event.

Medal Distribution Break-down:
100-299 Tickets: Minor Achievement Medal
300-499 Tickets: Major Achievement Medal + uranium
500-699 Tickets: Great Achievement Medal + uranium
700 and above Tickets: Glorious Achievement Medal + uranium

Double Experience Week:

Starting Friday, May 9th, all Elite heroes will receive double experience for each battle. This event will end on Monday, May 16th 11:59AM PST.

Free to Pledge:

Starting 5/9/14 until 5/23/14 Friday 11:59AM PST, changing factions at the Pledge Center located inside the Star Portal (the glowing circle portal in coordinate A-4 of your faction capital) will be FREE!