Getting a game of Shattered Galaxy going is as easy as 1-2-3! Follow these basic instructions to get in a game and you'll soon find yourself at the epicenter of action and excitement.

This brief new player guide is designed to get you acclimated into the Shattered Galaxy game. There's an incredible amount of depth to the game and how deep you go into this "universe" is entirely up to you.

Here's how to get started:

Get in the game and get your character created. Once complete, follow the instructions of the in-game tutorial to get acquainted with the game. This is crucial as the tutorial is designed to get you familiar with all basics aspects of the game including combat, unit purchasing and unit deployment.

Once you've gone through the tutorial, get some practice time in The Zoo. The Zoo is a great training ground for a new player that allows you to take on the various aliens in a solo combat scenario. The Zoo can be accessed from the Quick Menu at any time.

After going a couple rounds in The Zoo, go to The Factory where you can buy new Units or repair existing Units. Also accessible by the Quick Menu, The Factory can supply you with pre-designed units that are combat ready and looking for some action. If you need to repair any units from your battle in The Zoo, select the unit and click "repair" or simply click "repair all" to fix all damaged units.

Once you've finished adding to your army or making necessary repairs, check out the Unit Deployment screen by clicking (F7). This will allow you to select which units you'll deploy in battle. Feel free to tinker around with a deployment group that would best meet your needs. Some players choose all Infantry units while others prefer all Aviation units. Play around with different combinations until you find something that suits your style. But just to be safe, you may want to deploy a squad of similar units. This will help make things easier for you while in combat.

Feeling adventurous? Then head on over to The Lab where you can customize your units with new weapons. The Lab can be accessed via the Quick Menu. Once inside, click "Equip Item" to make changes to your unit. Dabble around with different weapons and armaments to see how your unit performs in battle.

Now you're ready to take your game to the next level by going into the Subterranean Caverns. Different than The Zoo, the Subterranean Caverns will have you paired with other new players. Work together with these other Commanders to defeat the aliens and take control of the Points of Contention (POC's). Teamwork is essential in Shattered Galaxy, so make sure your available to assist your teammate and don't be afraid to ask for help if you're overwhelmed.

Now that you've got a few skirmishes under your belt and you've got your attack force ready, you're primed to do some actual combat. Click the "Go to Battle" button found on the Quick Menu to access a list of conflicts in progress. Select a conflict and prepare your landing party.

That's it. The above information will get your combat ready and into the fray to help your faction win the war! Be sure to check out the SUPPORT section for our FAQ about other aspects of the game. Also, feel free to visit the Community/Fan Sites section of the website here for more information how to get started and playing in SG 1.5. The Fan Site Guides and References page will list locations which can give you additional game information as well as advanced game playing information such as customizing your units and getting involved in the political structure in Shattered Galaxy.