The following FAQs deal with various aspects of Shattered Galaxy and are organized by topic:

Shattered Galaxy Free Play
Purchasing Shattered Galaxy
Abomination Unit
General Technical Support
Account and Registration
Internet and Connection Problems
Contact Information: Please read any pertinent FAQs before contacting our Support Team. This will enable us to respond to our players faster.

When has the Shattered Galaxy free play plan become available?
August 11 2003.
I heard that Shattered Galaxy is now free, is that really true?
Shattered Galaxy has always offered a free trial period for new players to try out the game. In the past, the trial period was limited by time and level. The new Shattered Galaxy has radically modified the time and level limitations from the trial. Players can now play Shattered Galaxy for free, with some limitations (Please continue reading this FAQ for full details).
Is this new free play time a temporary promotion?
No, the free play time is a permanent update to the Shattered Galaxy business model.
If I can play Shattered Galaxy for free, why would I want to pay for an account?
Although the time and level limit restrictions have been radically modified from the trial, other restrictions still apply to the non-paying heroes. By paying for an account, your commander can play Shattered Galaxy to its full potential without any worries of restrictions or limitations.
Q. What kind of benefits do I receive when I pay for my account?
By paying for your account, your hero is considered an "Elite" hero. All non-paying heroes are considered "Basic" heroes. "Elite" heroes enjoy many benefits over their "Basic" counterparts. The most important benefits you receive by becoming an "Elite" hero are listed below:

- Elite heroes receive full exp in all battles. (Basic heroes will have a 25% exp penalty for all battles.)
- Elite heroes do full damage in all battles. (Basic heroes have a 10% dmg penalty for all battles.)
- Elite heroes can max their attribute to 120. (Basic heroes can only max an attribute to 100.)
- Elite heroes automatically outrank any Basic hero for Battle Commander in any battle.
- Only Elite heroes can earn Honor in battles. (Basic heroes continually lose honor in each of their battles.)
- Only Elite heroes can participate in politics and run for Overlord.
- Only Elite heroes can log in and use the War Room features, including the new Hall of Fame, and Abomination and Quorg requests.
- Only Elite heroes can purchase Rare Items. Basic Heroes can earn Rare Points, however they cannot spend it until they become an Elite hero.
- Only Elite heroes can donate money and receive faction-wide bonuses in the Faction Treasury system.
- Only Elite heroes can participate in the reincarnation system.

My account has expired. What happens to my heroes now?
All heroes on expired accounts are automatically recognized as "Basic" heroes. Although you can continue logging on and playing with your hero, you will be limited by the same limitations for all "Basic" heroes. Upon paying for your account again, your hero will immediately become an "Elite" hero.
Can other players in the game tell if I am an "Elite" or "Basic" hero?
There are no in-game features that allow other players to see if you are an "Elite" or "Basic" hero.
I am playing with a Basic hero; will I have access to the Abomination, Quorg, or other special units?
The only way to request the special units is through the War Room. The War Room features are privileges only available to "Elite" heroes.
What happens to my special units and rare items when I stop paying for my hero?
If you have earned special units and items during your pay period and your hero reverts to a "Basic" hero after the pay period ends, you will not immediately lose your units and items.
What type of out-of-game support do non-paying heroes receive?
"Basic" heroes receive the same technical support that "Elite" heroes do. However, since many technical aspects of the game rely on having a registered account, some problems may not be resolvable unless you are on a registered account. For account and billing support, you must have an account for support. Please do not contact Accounts if you are a "Basic" hero.
Where and when can I buy Shattered Galaxy?
You can download Shattered Galaxy for a free unlimited time trial here!

I didn't pre-order. Is there any way for me to receive an Abomination?
Pre-ordering is the only way to ensure that you will receive the Abomination. We may hold contests in the future for which we will award Abominations as prizes. :)
Will the game be less fun if I don't have the Abomination unit?
The Abomination is very similar to another combat unit (the Revenant) that is available to all players, so your gaming experience will not suffer by not having this one unit. :)
I have an Abomination Access Code. How do I buy Abomination units?
You have to have a registered hero before you can buy the Abomination. Look for the section in the War Room about the Abomination for more details.

What are the minimum requirements for Shattered Galaxy: Massive Online Warfare?
-Operating System : Win95/98/2000/ME/XP
-CPU : Pentium MMX 433Mhz or higher
-VGA : 16MB video memory
-HDD : 300MB space needed
-DirectX : DirectX 8.0a
-Internet connection : 28K Modem
I have a beta copy of Shattered Galaxy on my hard drive. Do I need to uninstall it before installing the commercial game?
Please uninstall and remove any beta versions of Shattered Galaxy
before installing the commercial version of the game. If you have any older versions of Shattered Galaxy on your hard disk, you will not see the option to install from the CD. Please remove all beta versions of the client then double click your Shattered Galaxy CD icon or reinsert the CD to install the game.
I've successfully installed Shattered Galaxy, but cannot get the game to run. How do I solve this problem?
Try each of the following, in this order, until you are able to play:
1. Check that your computer meets our minimum system requirements.
2. Close all other applications before starting Shattered Galaxy.
3. Check that your video card and drivers are installed properly.
4. Check that your sound card and drivers are installed properly.
5. Reinstall the latest DirectX drivers (
6. Reinstall Shattered Galaxy.
7. Reinstall your Windows operating system (other programs you have installed may have corrupted one or more Windows files needed by DirectX or Shattered Galaxy).
If I have a slow computer, how can I improve performance?
1. Check that you meet the game's minimum system requirements.
2. Consider upgrading your video card or RAM.
3. Make certain you have closed ALL other applications before playing Shattered Galaxy.
4. Turn off most Shattered Galaxy options, such as Footprints, Sound, and Music.
5. If performance seems to get worse after playing Shattered Galaxy for several hours, try logging out, rebooting your computer, and re-entering the game.
6. Try to get involved in smaller battles. Large battles (> 20 players total) require more system resources.
The game crashes a lot. What's up with that?

After over 18 months of beta testing, the stability of Shattered Galaxy is typically very high. If we are encountering any performance problems, we will notify you through the Shattered Galaxy website ( and/or through email.

More likely, the problem is related to your system. Please follow the steps suggested in the previous answer to improve your system's performance. If you still encounter difficulties, please contact us with explicit information as described later in this FAQ.

Your server cannot handle all of the players. Why don't you buy a better server?
Shattered Galaxy uses distributed server technology and multiple computers to run the entire game universe. Therefore, Shattered Galaxy is theoretically infinite in size. Using the same technology, KRU Interactive has supported over 50,000 players simultaneously. We know when new servers are needed and buy them accordingly. The problems you are experiencing probably have nothing to do with the Shattered Galaxy servers. Please try the troubleshooting steps outlined above and contact Support with detailed information regarding your problem so that we may assist you.
I am behind a firewall, how do I get the game to work?
Unfortunately we cannot offer support in configuring your firewall or proxy server. Generally most firewall programs will automatically allow you to connect to our servers. However there have been reported instances of conflicts occuring with some firewall programs. If you encounter problems with your firewall we suggest: A. consult your network instruction manual. B. Consult with your network administrator. C. Contact your internet service provider. If you or your system administrator wishes to manually open the necessary ips and ports, the Shattered Galaxy servers currently run at IPs at ports 3000, 13000-14000

This FAQ suggests that KRU Interactive doesn't make mistakes and that any problems are on my end. Is that realistic?
Yes, KRU Interactive will make mistakes. The scope of Shattered Galaxy is immense and it is impossible to continuously evolve a game universe without some problems arising. We will do our very best to minimize any problems and to provide you with a very enjoyable gaming experience. And should any technical or other problems arise, we will address them and keep you informed in the meantime.

Throughout our years of experience in the massively multiplayer gaming industry, we have found that some players become very upset for problems that we cannot control, such as the player's computer or internet connection. We want you to enjoy Shattered Galaxy. The purpose of this FAQ is to assist you in addressing the problems that you can solve on your own and to explain how you can better help KRU Interactive solve any problems that are outside of your control.

How do I activate my Shattered Galaxy account?
To activate an account, please visit the Accounts section of the website, then follow the link to "Activate". Following these directions will help you get started with Shattered Galaxy!
When do I have to start paying for Shattered Galaxy?
Never. You can choose to play for free as long as you wish. To receive benefits of an Elite Hero, you can purchase subscriptions after you login to your Account Manager.
How much does the game cost?
It costs a flat fee of $9.95 per month to register and play your hero as an "Elite" Hero. You can purchase in increments of 1,2, or 3 months, or can purchase a Recurring subscription that will enable your account to be registered until you decide to cancel.
What payment options does KRU Interactive accept for Shattered Galaxy?
Kru accepts various purchase options including credit card, Paypal, mobile phones, bank transfers, prepaid card solutions, and other local payment options depending on your location. Please login to your Account Manager, click on the Renewal button to see what options are available in your area. All options can be used to purchase manual renewal subscriptions (1,2, or 3 months). Autorenewal subscriptions can be purchased by either credit card or Paypal. If you use automatic renewal, then on the day your account would expire, your credit card or Paypal account will automatically be charged for the next month and your account will be extended.
If I don't play my hero for a long time, but if my account is active (paid for), will my hero be deleted?

Each account can have two heroes on it. Can I share one of these heroes with a friend?

No, each account is intended for use by only one person - the owner of the game.

Can both of my heroes be online at the same time?
No, only one character per account can be online at any given time.
My friend is leaving the game. Can I put their heroes on my account?
No. Characters on your account must be those of your own creation, and those you alone play. Giving/ selling/ trading/ sharing heroes is against KRU Interactive policy and subjects you to termination of your heroes and account.
Can I remove a hero from my account and use him or her at a later date?
No. Heroes that are removed from accounts are immediately and permanently deleted from our database. They cannot be reregistered on any account. Please be very careful when removing heroes from your account.

Can I pay to extend a friend's account?
You can buy an Account Extension Coupon and then give that to your friend. He or she can use this coupon to extend his or her account.
I don't understand a charge on my credit card statement.
Please contact the payment service provider directly here.
Someone in the game is asking for my password. Should I give it to them?
NO. The safety of your heroes is in your own hands.
Here are some suggestions for keeping your heroes and your computer safe:

1) Do not share your passwords with anyone; not even your mother.
2) Use passwords that cannot be found in the dictionary and that are a combination of letters and numbers.
3) Do not use the same passwords for your heroes that you use for other things, such as ICQ.
4) Do not download files from unknown sites.
5) Do not accept files from anyone you don't know and trust *in real life*. Any software given to you by another may contain viruses such as Back Orifice. Such viruses allow others to have full access to your computer.
6) Don't give out your game hero or account password to *anyone*, not even anyone saying they are KRU Interactive staff. KRU Interactive staff will never ask for passwords, and if we did ever ask for personal information it would not be from within the game, but through our support system at Support.
7) Do not allow anyone access to your email account.

If you take precautions, you will not be in danger. Please be careful with your passwords and computer and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

When i try to create a new account or access an existing account through the game, i receive an error telling me "This Page Cannot be Displayed", "HTTP 500 - Internal server error". What can i do to create or access my account?

Please check to ensure that you have the latest release version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer. You will need to have your Internet Explorer's "Security" setting set to "medium" or lower while accessing the accounts page. To change your "Security" settings in Internet Explorer, click on "Internet Options..." in the "Tools" menu. Then click on the "Security" tab. You can then set your "Security" settings by dragging the slide bar to an appropriate setting. You can change your settings back after creating your account.

What is the Internet?

The Internet is a network of thousands of computers connected to each other. The Internet allows your computer to communicate with computers throughout the world, including the Shattered Galaxy game server. Your Internet service provider (ISP) is the company you use (and pay, probably) for Internet access.

What is Internet lag?
Millions of people use the Internet every day. Lag is analogous to a traffic jam. When too many cars try to travel on the same road, all of them move much more slowly. When too many computers are using the same section of the Internet, or when there are technical problems, they receive information slowly. Symptoms of lag in Shattered Galaxy can include long "Loading" periods, battles appearing to continue even though time has expired or your side has won (or lost!), out-of-sync (OOS) errors (see below), and long delays in refreshing the Strategic Map or receiving messages from other players.
Following the ISP move, whenever I try logging onto Shattered Galaxy, it will hang on the "Connecting to Server" screen. How can I connect to your new servers?

Due to the recent ISP change some players may encounter difficulties connecting to our servers. This is generally caused by your ISP's DNS server not properly updating with the newest IP's addresses. Sometimes, old DNS information is also stored on your system and need to be updated. First, we suggest rebooting your computer in order to update your DNS information with the latest information from your ISP's DNS server. However, if your ISP's DNS server has not updated with latest IP addresses, rebooting you system will not solve the problem. In these situations, you will need to wait for your ISP's DNS server to properly update with the correct IP addresses. Please understand that due to the way the internet works, KRU Interactive has no control over the rate at which local DNS servers update. If this problem persists for more than a few days, please contact your ISP.

You can also bypass your DNS server by modifying the shortcut for the "SG.exe" executable. To bypass your DNS information you will need to create a shortcut for your "sg.exe" file found in your Shattered Galaxy folder. To create a shortcut, right click the "sg.exe" file and then select the "create shortcut" option. After you have created a shortcut, right click the shortcut icon and select the "properties" option. In the "target" field you will need to add the following string, " 3000" (without the quotes). If you installed Shattered Galaxy to the default folder, your target should look like:

"C:\Program Files\Nexon\Shattered Galaxy\sg.exe" 3000

After modifying the target please click the "ok" button. Now use this shortcut to start up your Shattered Galaxy client. This solution is only temporary and you should erase the ip and port number from your target when you are confident that your ISP's DNS information has updated.

I have a cable modem or other high-speed connection. Why do I experience lag?
High-speed connections do provide faster connection to your Internet service provider. However, that's only one of the dozen or so stretches of Internet between your computer and the Shattered Galaxy server. To continue with the analogy, a high-performance sports car and a station wagon go the same speed in a traffic jam.

What is an OOS error?

Out-of-sync errors occur when your computer falls out of sync with the computers of the other players in a battle. When you suffer from OOS errors, you may see things on your computer that are not actually happening. For example, you may think an enemy unit has been destroyed when, in actuality, it has safely moved far away. When players experience too many OOS errors, we are forced to disconnect them from Shattered Galaxy. Out-of-Sync is primarily caused by a poor Internet connection, though it can also occur if your computer is running too slowly.

If the symptoms of Internet lag and a slow computer are so similar, how can I determine and fix the problem?
First, the speed of your mouse movement can provide a clue. If performance seems poor, but your mouse cursor moves rapidly, the problem is likely lag. If the mouse cursor moves sluggishly, your computer is probably overburdened.
You can identify lag by performing a "trace route" and "ping" to determine how much lag exists between your computer and the Shattered Galaxy game server.
To run a traceroute from our Server to your system, click

To run a traceroute from your system to our Server, please follow the steps below:
1. Click on the "Start" button at the lower left hand corner of your Window's desktop taskbar.
2. Select the "Run" option
3. A small window will appear, please type in "cmd" or "command" depending on your Window's OS and click the OK button.
4. In the Command Prompt window that appears, please type "traceroute" or "tracert".
5. Please copy and paste the information from the command prompt along with the traceroute from the link above and send both traceroutes to Support.

A sample trace route looks like:

Example 1:

1 2ms 1ms 1ms
2 15ms 5ms 6ms
3 10ms 12ms 10ms
4 272ms 210ms 253ms []
5 50ms 25ms 140ms []
6 95ms 19ms 65ms []
7 40ms 65ms 15ms
8 55ms 38ms 44ms

Trace complete.

What does a bad trace route look like and what can I do to solve the problem?
Please look at the following trace route.

Example 2:

1 2ms 1ms 1ms
2 15ms 5ms 6ms
3 10ms 12ms 10ms
4 272ms 210ms 253ms []
5 * ms * ms * ms Request timed out
6 * ms * ms * ms Request timed out
7 * ms * ms * ms Request timed out
8 * ms * ms * ms Request timed out

This trace route is another story. The asterisks indicate a timed out request--more than a full second. The problem here seems clearly at Time into node 4 is bad and the time to reach node 5 is terrible!

You could also try to go to "" using your web browser and look for an email address. You could contact "" with your trace route and hopefully they will attempt to solve the problem.

If the bad node is near the bottom of the trace route, you may be able to solve the problem by directly contacting your ISP (the people you pay each month for an Internet connection). If problems persist, consider changing your ISP; many options for Internet access are available and most cost about the same.

If the bad node is near the top of the trace route, near "," then KRU Interactive's ISP may be the problem. Email the bad trace route, along with the exact time of the trace route, to Support. We will do our best to see that the problem is resolved promptly!

What is a "Patch"?
The dedicated programmers, artists, and designers at KRU Interactive are constantly working to improve Shattered Galaxy. A patch is an update to the Shattered Galaxy software you have installed on your computer. Patches are occasionally necessary to fix bugs and add new features and graphics. Patches happen automatically when they're needed.

How often do patches occur?
Because patches occasionally cause technical problems for some players, we will usually wait until we have implemented significant improvements to the game before patching the software. Sometimes a new patch will contain bugs we were unable to detect during internal testing. Whenever a serious problem is discovered in the software, we will patch as soon as possible in order to correct it.
How will I know when it's time to patch?
When you start Shattered Galaxy normally, you will be told at the Main Menu that a new patch is available. You will be asked if you want to upgrade your software.
OK. I'm told I need to patch and am asked if I want to upgrade. What do I do next?

1. Press "Cancel" and exit Shattered Galaxy.
2. Check that your computer is ready to patch:
a) Close all open programs.
b) Make sure the
hard drive on which Shattered Galaxy is installed contains at least 250 MB of free disk space.

When you are certain that you are ready to patch, open your Internet connection and start the SG program again. When asked to patch, press "OK." Shattered Galaxy will automatically close and the Patcher program will run. You will see a status bar indicating the patching progress. When the patch is complete, Shattered Galaxy will start up again automatically.

Can I play other games while the Patcher is running?
Please don't. It may interfere with the Patcher and corrupt the Shattered Galaxy software.

How long does it take to patch?
The length of a patch can vary from as little as a few seconds up to 30 minutes or more. Please be patient and do not interrupt the patching process unless you see no progress for more than 30 minutes.

Will KRU Interactive provide announcements about upcoming patches?
Yes, we will give you as much advance notice as we can. Sign up for the Shattered Galaxy mailing list and read the in-game bulletin board for the most recent information on any changes, including upcoming patches.

I encounter some error while patching. How do I proceed?
First, please attempt to follow the instructions, if any, given in the Patcher error message. If you are still encountering difficulties, the following questions contain information about some specific problems.

I click "OK" at the Main Menu when asked to patch. The game closes and then nothing happens. What went wrong?
You may not have the Patcher program installed. You can download the Patcher from Put the "Patcher.exe" file in the same folder as your "SG.exe" file (the default location is C:\Program Files\Nexon\Shattered Galaxy\).

I click "OK" at the Main Menu when asked to patch. The game closes and the Patcher starts. I receive the error message: "Can't retrieve patch script."
The patch script is a list of the instructions that the Patcher uses to complete the patch. This is most likely due to heavy internet congestion. Wait a little while before trying to patch again. If the problem persists for more than several hours, please contact the SG support team.

I click "OK" at the Main Menu when asked to patch. The game closes and the Patcher starts. I receive an error message about a corrupt file.
One or more of your data files may have been changed or somehow corrupted. Delete the "Patch" folder in your "Shattered Galaxy" folder and try to patch again. Please try and download the patch during off-peak hours to minimize your chances of corrupting a file. If the patcher gives you an error on the same file continuously, that may mean that a program file has been corrupted. You will need to reinstall Shattered Galaxy from the game CD. If the same problem persists even after reinstallation, please contact the Shattered Galaxy support team. Please do not edit any of the Shattered Galaxy files.

I click "OK" at the Main Menu when asked to patch. The game closes and the Patcher starts and finishes. Shattered Galaxy tries to start up again, but closes immediately to the desktop.
One or more of the data files may have been changed or somehow corrupted. Reinstall Shattered Galaxy from the CD and try to patch again. If the problem still persists, please contact the Shattered Galaxy support team. Please do not edit any of the Shattered Galaxy files.

I click "OK" at the Main Menu when asked to patch. The game closes and the Patcher starts. The Patcher crashes before the patch is complete.
Restart your computer. Make certain that all non-essential applications are closed and that you have at least 250 MB of free disk space. Double-click on the file "Patcher.exe" (the default location is C:\Program Files\Nexon\Shattered Galaxy\) to attempt to resume the patching process. If this attempt fails, then uninstall Shattered Galaxy and reinstall from the CD. Start Shattered Galaxy and try to patch again from the original Shattered Galaxy software.

I click "OK" at the Main Menu when asked to patch. The game closes and the Patcher starts. My Internet connection is lost while downloading files for the patch, causing the patch to fail.
Delete the folder "Patch" located in the same folder as your "SG.exe" file (the default location is C:\Program Files\Nexon\Shattered Galaxy\). Connect to the Internet. Start Shattered Galaxy and try to patch again.

After i finish patching and try to run the game, i receive an error message saying i'm missing the file "Binkw32.dll". What should I do?
Please download the individual Binkw32.dll file from the download page and place it in your Shattered Galaxy game directory.

My computer is having trouble downloading the patch files. Is there any way for me to manually patch?

Yes. At, you will find all the necessary patch files available for download. To manually patch:

1. Download the correct self-extracting patch executable here.
2. Double-click the self-extracting patch file and it will automatically patch the client.

I have a problem/question regarding my account. To whom do I write?
Please contact Support with any account questions. Please do not send other types of email to this address. Emails on other topics will not be read. Email sent Support will receive a reply if the email is account related.

I am having a technical problem that prevents me from playing the game. To whom do I write?
Please contact Support with any technical problems. Please do not send other types of email to this address. Emails on other topics will not be read. Email sent to Support will receive a reply if the email is related to a technical problem.

I have encountered a bug. To whom do I report it?

Please contact us at Support with detailed information about any bug you have encountered. When reporting a bug, be sure to include your "DxDiag.txt" file. To create the "DxDiag.txt" file, run the DxDiag tool located in the folder C:\Program Files\DirectX\Setup\DxDiag.exe.

Perform all of the tests on each tab of the utility. When you are at the last page, press the "Save Information" button. Save the file into your Shattered Galaxy folder, and email it to Support along with your bug report. Please provide us extremely detailed information. Tell us when you first encountered the problem and exactly what you observed. The more thorough the information you provide, the faster we will be able to assist you. Please help us to provide you with the best online gaming experience possible.

I have a suggestion/feedback. To whom do I write?
Please Support with in-game feedback. Please do not send other types of email to this address. Emails on other topics will not be read. Mail sent to Support may not receive a reply.

Does Shattered Galaxy have any phone support?
No, please contact us at the appropriate email address. Please check out the FAQs at for any recent information that may be relevant to the problem you are encountering.