For billing and payment inquiries, the quickest method to receive an answer would be:

  • Login to the Kru Account, then go to the purchase user interface (aka Widget) that you used to make the original purchase with.
  • Click on Payment History, review your transactions, then click on ‘Start an Inquiry’ for the transaction you are inquiring about.
  • Type in your inquiry, and submit it. You will receive an email once there is a reply to your inquiry. Upon receiving this email, come back to this Widget to check your reply.

Please note that Paymentwall, the payment service partner of Kru, will be handling the payment and billing transactions. You can communicate with them directly for fast and friendly billing support.

You can also contact them via email through:

For payment issues:

For offer issues:

Phone: 415-707-9920 10AM – 7PM (PST), M-F